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From our first doors opened in Montreal, Quebec, in 1995, to the many more opened internationally; people around the world are savouring Presse Café’s coffee. From France to Australia, through Morocco, Senegal and Cyprus, Presse Café has gained a firm foothold abroad thanks to its openness to the surrounding communities.


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Step into a world where every sip and bite is a testament to our passion for perfection. Our photo gallery invites you on a visual journey through our exquisite offerings.

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Catering Menu

Order Ahead For Large Groups of 10 or More
Our catering menu features an enticing selection of veggies with dips, various wraps, unique Pressewiches, assorted fruit trays, and a variety of pastries, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all guests

Takeout Menu

Skip The Line And Order Ahead of Time
Enjoy quick, delicious dining with our takeout menu, featuring breakfast wraps, oven-baked pizzas, and house-made organic paninis – perfect for those on-the-go..


From our choice of beans to the precision of roasting, our love for the art of coffee can be tasted in each cup. Come on in & immerse yourself in the aroma of Presse Café’s coffee.


When it comes to preparing a drink at Presse Café, we steer clear of powders and complicated names. The result? It’s good and it tastes real!


We don’t come to Presse Café just for the coffee! We also make the detour to feast, morning, noon or evening!


Did you know that our pastries are baked on-site every morning? If you arrive early enough, you may smell our butter croissants and golden brown muffins coming fresh and hot out of the oven.

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  • Roomy cafe that's not overcrowded compared to more central cafes. Love the large windows, atmosphere. Nice break from the busier spots around TO. Staff are friendly, drinks always great.
    Minjung Hwangbo
  • Top on my cafe list! If I need a place to study where I can actually find a place to sit at. The ambience and food was amazing. I love how this place had a student discount when purchasing food. Definitely coming back! The matcha latte was very good and the price was reasonable. I’d say the music played in the background (light piano) which is also what I listen to when studying, got me into completing the assignments I planned out. I’ll have to stop by again when deadlines approach.
  • Cozy and welcoming, Presse Café in downtown Toronto ticks all the right boxes for what a café should be like. From sweet to savoury, there’s plenty to choose from for breakfast. The coffee was good too which pairs well with the relaxing atmosphere in Presse Café. I would highly recommend them!
    Jordan Kevin Magtaan