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From our first doors opened in Montreal, Quebec, in 1995, to the many more opened internationally; people around the world are savouring Presse Café's coffee. From France to Australia, through Morocco, Senegal and Cyprus, Presse Café has gained a firm foothold abroad thanks to its openness to the surrounding communities
Preese Cafe

Our Concept

From morning to evening, you can find the perfect complement to your coffee. Sandwiches, wraps, our famous presswiches, salads, pastries as well as specialized coffees are served well and fast. For a dash of fruity freshness, our smoothies are perfect. For a pleasant change, new products are regularly added to the exclusive menu to make Presse Café the centre of the "café bistro" world. Not to forget local favourites which we are pleased to also include in our Presse Café menu. A real oasis for those on the go, it’s always a pleasure to visit, be it to relax or to drink a coffee in little eager sips. Presse Café is where you stop to re-energize in a relaxed ambience whether it is for an indulgent snack or a more healthy one! In brief, Breathe, Eat, Drink... an experience that one would really like to repeat.

A Glimpse at our Background

Presse Café saw the light in the French province of Quebec in 1995 and fell directly in the world of high-quality coffee and great «Presswiches» (gourmet sandwiches pressed on the grill).
Ontario is now under the direction of Rohailla Hospitality, ready to reach all coffee lovers and food enthusiasts across the province. At Rohailla Hospitality, we pair with passionate business people to bring the greatest food and coffee experience, catering to each unique community.
Preese Cafe


Preese Cafe
Wonderful croissants, sandwiches, drinks, service and atmosphere!
Cassandra Cole Schouten