Presse Cafe Ontario



Preese Cafe
We don't come to Presse Café just for the coffee! We also make the detour to feast, morning, noon or evening! Our kitchens are stocked with fresh products with which we make our unique recipes for sandwiches, wraps and house salads. While our baristas serve the best coffee, always with a smile. In short, Presse Café relies on authenticity, total quality, simplicity and ... great encounters!

Complete meals

Colorful wraps
Fresh salads, prepared on request
Prepared salads
Soups, creams or soups
Hot meals

Lunches on site or to take away

Pure butter croissants
Toast or bagel
Breakfast wrap
Granola cups
Omelettes of the moment
Traditional lunches
Egg press (vegetable omelet, cheese, ciabatta)
Croque-matin (croissant, egg, ham, cheese)


Preese Cafe
Short or long, we always serve you a large espresso
To the choice of beans of excellent quality and to the art of roasting are added know-how and rigor to prepare you a coffee Presse Café still worthy of the name. If you could smell its aroma where you are ...

Espresso, lattes and more

Café Latte
Flavored latte

Espresso macchiato

Festive drinks (depending on the season)

Iced coffees

Iced coffee latte
Iced Cappuccino
Iced flavored cappuccino
Iced mocha

Filter coffee - exclusive blends

Decaffeinated (with water)

Selection of flavored coffees

Ground or whole grains sold in bags
K-cup for espresso machine (soon)
Selection of original coffees (some Presse Café)
Velvety, Full-bodied or Big Bang> our three exclusive blends appeal to different types of palates!


Preese Cafe
Infusions, real fruits, fresh foods, herbs and pure honey
When it comes to preparing a drink at Presse Café, we steer clear of powders and complicated names. The result? It's good and it tastes real!
Homemade smoothies (banana, yogurt, orange juice + raspberries or blueberries)
Mint iced green tea (infusion, lemon and fresh mint)
Orange iced tea (infusion and pure juice)
Italian-style sodas (wide variety of fruity flavors)
Chai latte (the authentic infusion with hot milk and pure honey)
Mighty Leafs teas and herbal teas

Hot chocolate


Preese Cafe
The good smell of hot muffins and croissants
Did you know that our pastries and muffins are baked on site every day? If you arrive early enough in the morning, you may smell the hot croissants and golden brown muffins.
Fresh muffin of the day
Butter croissant
Almond croissant
Apple turnover
Oatmeal pancake
Small chocolate cookie
Homemade pies
Decadent cake


Preese Cafe
Do you serve full breakfasts?
Some Presse Café does offer it! Traditional omelettes, pancakes or eggs are mainly offered in the very busy Presse Café on weekends. Ask your local Presse Café for more information.
Fruit salad
Granola cup (Granola, yogurt, fresh fruit)
Croque-matin (butter croissant, egg, ham, cheese)
Toast and bagel
Egg press (vegetarian omelet, cheese, lettuce and tomato panini)
Smoothies (mixture of pure juice and fresh fruit)